Tens unit Pleasure or Pain

topic posted Mon, March 19, 2007 - 6:50 AM by  Derrick
I have recently bought a tens unit and would apppreciate some ffedback from those men and women that have been on the receiving side of one of these units. in BDSM do they use thise device for pleasure or pain or both. Can a male and female be made to climax with this unit. I believe it can give a lady an enormous amount of pleasure. Is this true? ladies please don't be shy or send me a priavte message I would love to hear from you all. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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  • IMHO, a TENS unit does not have either the right wave form or enough power to actually cause a guy to climax.

    I have gotten two guys to climax using my Erostek 312B and a variety of attachments such as electric butt plugs, blue bands around the cock and balls, and electrified urethral sounds.
  • Good advice from Jim and Jonathan above
    A far as climaxing with a TENS, it is personal thing some do some don’t. I find an inserted butt electrode, a cock end electrode, 60-80 HZ works for me. It is a learned response. It may take a few sessions for the body to get used to considering this sufficient stimulation.
    You can also combine the estim with vibration or other stimulation (In my experience this is sometimes what is needed to get a woman off)
    In a BDSM context estim can be used for both pleasure and pain depending on what the top intends. If pleasure is what I intend, what I often do is let the bottom adjust the controls on the power box since the sensation can vary a lot with a small change in control setting. This is also a good approach when introducing a person to estim for the first time. You do the set up let them control the intensity.
    • Unsu...
      Hi everyone!!

      I do not get off on a TENS unit myself but what I have found to be a worthy property of one is that it can be used as a means of behavior modification and to disorient your partner. Flog flog flog ...predictable...nice...flog fl....ZZ_Z_ZZ___Z__AA__A_AA__APPPPP...ACK...back to flogging....nice...flog flog....good...flog flog ahhh...flo.....ZZZ_Z__ZZ_A_A__A__A_APPP_PP_P_P_..!

      Fun stuff! Keep 'em off balance....


      • Thank you Jim, I went into that site and am still busy reading all about electro stimulation. Thanks also Jonathan, Larry and Loura for your inputs.
        • Can any of you that has achieved an orgasm from a tens unit tell me what type of electrodes you used and where you placed them. Do you make your own electrodes?

          Have you tried the tens unit on a lady? Did she orgasm? Also what type of electrodes did you use and where did you place them?
          • One pad of a Tens unit placed above the clit on a woman's pubic mound, and another on her backside just below the tailbone, can stimulate some womens' kegel muscles and give you someplace to start... Your mileage may vary. Good luck!
            • Thank you... I am playing again tomorrow so I will try that. Lets hope it works. I have heard that if I place one pad below the head of my penis and one on top near the base that it is possible for a guy to reach one. I will also try this tomorrow.

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