The latest, greatest in e-stim products?

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New here. With due diligence (I hope), I looked through past messages and since many are fairly old, I thought I'd start anew with this in case new things are out there..

I've been searching for a gateway into this world of TENS units? I see prices all over the place, including some that use computer files, etc. Not interested in that, but rather affordable base unit and, to start with" a cock-ring sort of thing. Not curious about sounds and only slightly curious about anal inserts at this stage.

I don't want to pay the exorbitant prices charged by sex toy sites when similar products are available much more inexpensively through medical supply sources. But if it requires a doctorate to figure out how to buy attachments for sexual stimulation, I don't want to go down that road, buying things that don't work with the base unit. A good question is: are most of the wire attachments to these things pretty much universal? suggests this device available at Amazon for the beginner. I like that it appears that two can play at the same time. Suggestions appreciated on this:

Thanks in advance, and apologies if I've missed a recent post on this same subject.
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    I have learned a lot at smart stim good site ,And i bought some electrodes for lots to choose from
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      Thanks, Jimmy. I had questions and wrote them a day or so ago. WOW. What great customer service with a quick response. They're on my supply list for sure.
      • I bought a cheap TENS unit to begin worth.....ended up throwing it away . Just ordered an ET232 erostek from happystim , should have it in a fewdays . Cheaper units don't seem to have that much power . Estim feels so good you just need more power at times .
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          Just today, I bought the "Platinum TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator 4 Channel Combo Unit with AC Adapter" that was in the link of my initial post. It seemed to get good reviews in the communities that enjoy them for erotic stimulation. Chuck, the issue that confused me so much was about whether or not "cheaper" always meant "inferior." I read reviews that indicated prices for these things at sex shops were highly inflated, so not necessarily superior. "Plain old" medical supply units' prices were not artificially inflated and could get the job done, leaving you more money for toys and attachments. Sure hope I like this one.

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